Lee & Natalie Mathieson

Lee & Natalie Mathieson

Campbeltown 1st August 2015

Lorne & Lowland Church then reception at the Argyll Hotel

I had the absolute delight of photographing Lee and Natalie’s wedding for them in Campbeltown, Argyll a few weeks back and delighted to share their big day with you here.

Due to the high volume of images in the album it may take a few minutes for the album to download depending on your internet speed.

To view images in a larger view, please click on the image.

Here we have Natalie and the Bridesmaids getting their hair and Make Up done by Kim at Snips doing the hair, and Claire Dryden on the Make Up.

Next up is Lee, and the Groom’s preparation with John and Randall.

After some time with the groom party it was a dash to the bride’s house for her prep.

Up next is guests and groom party arriving at the Lorne and Lowland Church where the service was held.

She didn’t keep us waiting that long, the bride arrives.

And the Ceremony begins.

After the ceremony we got some group shots done outside the church before the rain started and people started to disappear.

At this point we were going to do the bride and groom’s shoot outside but the showers were starting to get really heavy so Natalie & Lee had wanted to visit the graveyard to put some flowers down, so we opted to that first and see what the showers were doing after that.

Typical, the showers were still pouring down so we headed back to the hotel and done their shoot indoors, which worked out not too bad for plan ‘B’.

After the bride and groom shoot it was cutting the cake, but here is the tables and some of the table details also.

The speeches were next with Rev Wallace introducing the father of the bride, followed by the groom then anxiously waiting, the best man.

After a fantastic meal it was upstairs for the party, and of course the first dance.

Second Dance.

And now the party begins.

And just to finish off with some of the details from the reception.


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  1. Funny I had to visit the States to see the great photos of your wedding! It was worth the trip. They are lovely.
    Hugs and Kisses to you both.
    Auntie Ann


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