Innean’s Bay, Kintyre

Innean's Bay, Kintyre It's been too long for a good walk and that's exactly what I got walking to Innean's Bay, Kintyre. I started off by parking the car at the car park before Ballygroggan Farm and followed The Kinytre Way walk which starts at the farm. The route itself was easy going and marked... Continue Reading →


A Walk In Dunlossit Estate

A Walk In Dunlossit Estate I took a walk in Dunlossit Estate, Islay with the intentions of photographing a waterfall that I had shot before but never liked the image due to a big tree that had fallen right across the river. On the route down there I had a quick look at Lily Loch... Continue Reading →

Kintra Waterfall, Islay

Kintra Waterfall, Islay, Argyll, Scotland. These images were taking on different walks and in actual fact it was not my intention to shoot the Kintra Waterfall on the second walk but I just cannot resist a long exposure when I see flowing water over cliff face or moving at speed. As you can see the... Continue Reading →

Soldiers Rock Islay

¬†Soldiers Rock Islay I walked to Soldiers Rock Islay during the summer but just posting the images now as I wasn't really happy with the image I done of Soldiers Rock and I was going to return to do it again, but I have decided to post it just now instead although I will return... Continue Reading →

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