Innean’s Bay, Kintyre

Innean's Bay, Kintyre It's been too long for a good walk and that's exactly what I got walking to Innean's Bay, Kintyre. I started off by parking the car at the car park before Ballygroggan Farm and followed The Kinytre Way walk which starts at the farm. The route itself was easy going and marked... Continue Reading →


The Bastard View

The Bastard View Ok, let's tackle the post title, The Bastard View! Why am I naming my post this? We'll I went for a walk down the Learside, Kintyre and after the walk I decided to tackle the hill across from where I had parked, aptly named The Bastard, honest. The screen shot below confirms the... Continue Reading →

Long and Winding Road to The American Monument

The American Monument, Islay Despite going out walking as much as I can I don't actually have many photo's of the path I walk or the route I have just taken so for Sunday Stills Photo Challenge Long and Winding Road I am using this image taking a while back of a walk around part of... Continue Reading →

Soldiers Rock Islay

 Soldiers Rock Islay I walked to Soldiers Rock Islay during the summer but just posting the images now as I wasn't really happy with the image I done of Soldiers Rock and I was going to return to do it again, but I have decided to post it just now instead although I will return... Continue Reading →

The American Monument Islay

The American Monument Islay was built in 1920 by the American Red Cross to commemorate the loss of two troop carriers in 1918, The Tuscania and HMS Otranto, with a combined loss of over 630 lives between the two tragedies. The Tuscania was sank by a German UB77 submarine as it sailed in convoy between... Continue Reading →

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