Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean

Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean Another opportunistic outing a few nights ago when the weather unexpectedly gave a few hours of clear skies led me to do some Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean, Kintyre, Argyll. This is a spot I've had in mind since my Craigaig Waterfall Post which I had noticed on the drive back from there. A... Continue Reading →


Star Trails in Kintyre

Star Trails in Kintyre Last night's clear skies in the West Coast of Scotland allowed me the opportunity to give some star trails a practice. I had found this abandoned boat a few weeks ago when I was out looking for a Plan B when my original shoot went wrong and decided that I would... Continue Reading →

Glenastle Loch, Islay, Sunset Timelapse

My first attempt at Time-Lapse Photography is taken down at Glenastle Loch, Islay and diving straight in at the deep end with a sunset. Sunset set Time-Lapses are the hardest to capture due to the changing exposure settings of the setting sun, but hey I never do things the easy way! Although there are some... Continue Reading →

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