WPC: Lines

WPC: Lines This week The Daily Posts challenges us to capture Lines in our photograph, straight, curvy, vertical, horizontal, hard or soft. Below see how I apply Lines to my Landscape Photography. What Do Lines Do In Photography? When capturing an image there are many techniques a photographer can use to improve the image they... Continue Reading →


Sunset at Machrihanish

Sunset at Machrihanish I captured this Sunset at Machrihanish a few nights ago but it was not the shot I was hoping to get. I had headed out with the camera hoping to capture an image that I had see whilst out for a cycle a few weeks ago, however en route to this location I... Continue Reading →

Muasdale Beach at Sunset

Muasdale Beach at Sunset I headed out to Muasdale Beach at Sunset to get some photo's done, with the plan of getting some long exposures. However before we discuss this shoot I need to tell you about my outing the previous night., that didn't go as well as I would have liked. Batteries Charged I was... Continue Reading →

Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy

Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy A few images from my Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy where I was testing the images at 0.5 second upto 1 second. This was a technique that I have never really used before, usually when I do Long Exposure its for minutes at a time, however I didn't have a filter... Continue Reading →

Sunset at Bellochantuy

Sunset at Bellochantuy It had been a while since I done some landscapes so with a potential break in the clouds I headed out to capture a Sunset at Bellochantuy, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland. I have shot out here once before and really liked the compositions that it offers with the setting sun, however this time I... Continue Reading →

Milky Way From Islay

Milky Way From Islay A post for the 'Time' theme in the weekly photo challenge is a few of the images taken of the Milky Way From Islay a while back. One of the image is an original edit that I had done but never posted as I preferred the alternative edit that I had... Continue Reading →

Veronica chamaedrys

Veronica chamaedrys Happy New Year Folks, I hope 2016 is kind to you. This week The Daily Post has set the challenge of 'Circle' as theme and I have taken one from the archive to post and opted to go for an image of a Veronica chamaedrys, or Germander Speedwell as otherwise known. Mother nature provides... Continue Reading →

Cuckoo Flower

Cuckoo Flower A quick and short post today to tie in with The Daily Posts WPC of Trio. I have chosen an image of three cuckoo flowers (cardamine pratensis) shot with a macro adapter to give a close up view of the flower and provide a nice depth of field.

Milky Way from Islay

Milky Way from Islay Seen the forecast was looking clear for tonight so I headed out with the camera for some practice on capturing some Milky Way from Islay images which I feel fits well into The Daily Posts WPC: Extraordinary this week. A quick check on the moon state indicated a waning crescent and... Continue Reading →

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