Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean

Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean Another opportunistic outing a few nights ago when the weather unexpectedly gave a few hours of clear skies led me to do some Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean, Kintyre, Argyll. This is a spot I've had in mind since my Craigaig Waterfall Post which I had noticed on the drive back from there. A... Continue Reading →


Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay

Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay A quick trip to catch a Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay to test my new 10 stop nd filter last night could not be passed up with the amount of clouds in the sky and the potential for some nice hues off the sunset. As always... Continue Reading →

Saligo Bay Sunset in HDR

Saligo Bay Sunset in HDR I haven't done much landscape photography in the past few months so to try and rekindle my appetite for it I decided to head to the West Coast of Islay and capture a Saligo Bay Sunset in HDR. Sailgo Bay is an amazing place to visit, if not for taking... Continue Reading →


ROY G BIV In response to The Daily Posts Weekly Challenge this week of ROY G.BIV (who's he?) I hear you ask as I did initially then I realised that they were in fact talking about colour, Red Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. So their challenge is to either post a picture of a... Continue Reading →

Hyacinthoides non-scripta

Hyacinthoides non-scripta This week The Daily Post are asking us to share an image of something that we saw or did 'on the way' from one way to the next, which led me to sharing this image of a Bluebell that I took whilst out walking one day which was obviously captured en route to my... Continue Reading →

Dragon Fossils

Dragon Fossils A recent walk around Loch Skerrols, Islay, Argyll gave me a few interesting snaps for the photo bank but none more so that this image that fits in rather nicely with The Daily Posts Theme this week of Forces of Nature as during my walk I thought had I stumbled upon some dragon fossils, but... Continue Reading →

Jura Deer

Jura Deer I took the pleasure a few weeks ago of visiting the beautiful Island of Jura, Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland, probably most famous for it's mountainous landscape and the vast amount of 'Jura Deer' that are scattered about the Island. Roe Deer I had read somewhere that there were somewhere in... Continue Reading →

Milky Way

Milky Way So I headed out last night hoping to capture some of the Geminid Meteors that were bombarding the night sky lately, after the recent 'Weather Bomb' last nights weather was actually ok considering, with a waxing moon not rising till about midnight the Milky Way was very prominent in the sky...just as well. I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

This weeks weekly photo challenge is not something I have a lot of in my images, window(s). However I am posting this HDR Image which shows the windows of two tractors with some detail through them due to the HDR technique. Follow me on Facebook for more images and offers.  

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