Tangy Road Beach

Tangy Road Beach An unexpected outing saw me head out the West Road to a little beach I call Tangy Road Beach, simply because it's situated where you turn off to head up to Tangy. I've said before in a previous post about having a plan before I head out as if I don't I... Continue Reading →


Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown

Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown This post of my Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown is in response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge from Patti which turns out to be one of my favourite photos of Campbeltown I have taken in the last few years. The Pano is the result of 12 images stitched together to capture the view... Continue Reading →

Gobagrennan, Campbeltown

Sunset from Gobagrennan, Campbeltown I took these images of the sun setting from Gobagrennan, Campbeltown a few months ago, I had noticed the view from this area whilst driving past one day taking the kids and dog out for a walk up to Lussa Loch. I decided to take my chances during the summer and capture the... Continue Reading →


Ranunculus This week the Daily Post challenge us to Close Up so for this theme I have opted for a floral shot, and  my preferred flower is the Ranunculus, or otherwise known as The Buttercup, click on an image for a larger view. The name Ranunculus means Little Frog in latin and it is believed it earned it's... Continue Reading →

Ardnahoe Loch, Islay at Sunset

My first post to the challenge by where's my backpack. This week Ailsa's theme is 'Glow' and what better time as finally we are getting a bit of high pressure here on Islay and that means 'Sunsets' 🙂 it's been a long time since my last sunset, the joys of living on an Island on the... Continue Reading →

Weely Photo Challenge: Threshold

This week The Daily Post's Challenge is threshold - 'share a photo that captures the threshold — that point just before the action happens, that oh-so-sweet moment of anticipation before that new beginning.' Took me a while to think of one but posting an image taken a few weeks back of my second attempt at... Continue Reading →

Paps of Jura, Argyll, Scotland

I'm really enjoying these photo challenges and am trying out another one that I stumbled upon, this time it is by Nancy Merrill Photography and as the title suggests this weeks challenge is editing your image from colour to Black and White, should be okay for me seeing as I do prefer Black and White over... Continue Reading →

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