Sunset From Killean

Sunset From Killean Recently I decided to head out with the camera to capture the Sunset From Killean. I had been up this way on the day the beast from the east came through as a recce and even though it was nearly a white out I did manage to see between the snow showers that... Continue Reading →


Arran From Grogport

Stunning early morning Sunrise Panoramic images of the hills of Arran from Grogport, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland.

Gobagrennan, Campbeltown

Sunset from Gobagrennan, Campbeltown I took these images of the sun setting from Gobagrennan, Campbeltown a few months ago, I had noticed the view from this area whilst driving past one day taking the kids and dog out for a walk up to Lussa Loch. I decided to take my chances during the summer and capture the... Continue Reading →

Sunrise Recce

View From Hillside Farm Over Campbeltown The forecast the night before was giving no clouds so I thought about a shoot to do for sunrise. It's my intentions to photograph a bit more away from my home town and explore Kintyre a bit more and show what it has to offer. So with that in mind... Continue Reading →

A View From Dun Skeig Fort

Dun Skeig Fort, Kintyre I headed up to Dun Skeig Fort which is located just over a mile from the village of Clachan in Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland. My plan was to get a panoramic image of the view from the top and also to use it as a recce for a future shot. The forecast... Continue Reading →

Beinn Bheigier Walk, Islay

The Beinn Bheigier Walk, Islay was one that I had put off for a while but finally decided to give it go as the forecast looked good and there hadn't been much rain recently so the going under foot would have been fairly firm, on the drive there all was going to plan. I parked... Continue Reading →

Campbeltown Panoramic

A Campbeltown Panoramic image taken around sunset but edited in black and white for personal preference. The image takes in almost all of Campbeltown as well as Bhein Ghuilean and Knock Moy in the far distance. I printed this off for myself to a 1 metre by 0.4 metre canvas to see what it would look... Continue Reading →

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