Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean

Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean Another opportunistic outing a few nights ago when the weather unexpectedly gave a few hours of clear skies led me to do some Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean, Kintyre, Argyll. This is a spot I've had in mind since my Craigaig Waterfall Post which I had noticed on the drive back from there. A... Continue Reading →


Aurora at The American Monument, Islay

Aurora at The American Monument, Islay It was not my intention to capture the Aurora at The American Monument, Islay, I headed down there to do a Milky Way shoot, with a Plan B of capturing some of the meteoroid's from the Virginids meteor shower, there was no original Plan C. Enroute, things were not... Continue Reading →

Milky Way from Islay

Milky Way from Islay Seen the forecast was looking clear for tonight so I headed out with the camera for some practice on capturing some Milky Way from Islay images which I feel fits well into The Daily Posts WPC: Extraordinary this week. A quick check on the moon state indicated a waning crescent and... Continue Reading →

Milky Way

Milky Way So I headed out last night hoping to capture some of the Geminid Meteors that were bombarding the night sky lately, after the recent 'Weather Bomb'┬álast nights weather was actually ok considering, with a waxing moon not rising till about midnight the Milky Way was very prominent in the sky...just as well. I... Continue Reading →

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