Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean

Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean Another opportunistic outing a few nights ago when the weather unexpectedly gave a few hours of clear skies led me to do some Astrophotography at Ballochnafraean, Kintyre, Argyll. This is a spot I've had in mind since my Craigaig Waterfall Post which I had noticed on the drive back from there. A... Continue Reading →


Star Trails Over Gigha & The Island Queen

Star Trails Over Gigha & The Island Queen Last night I headed out with the camera to capture some Star Trails Over Gigha & The Island Queen boat wreck at Tayinloan, Kintyre, Argyll. My main plan was to get Star Trails over the Island Queen, I wasn't really looking for anything else. The Island Queen... Continue Reading →

Star Trails at The Gauldrons

Star Trails at The Gauldrons I captured some Star Trails at The Gauldrons last night after seen that there was a chance of some Aurora activity. I noticed that Aurora Service¬†were giving a KP rating of 5 (G1) which is enough to get me out. I had noticed that some people in Ireland were getting... Continue Reading →

Campbeltown Airport Tower & The Milky Way

Campbeltown Airport Tower & The Milky Way Another clear night was forecast which gave me the opportunity to capture two images of Campbeltown Airport Tower & The Milky Way, I'm still riding my wave of Astrophotography enthusiasm after my recent post capturing the Milky Way & Aurora. However, this was only an opportunistic shot as... Continue Reading →

Milky Way Over Campbeltown

Milky Way Over Campbeltown A very clear and calm night gave me the opportunity to capture the¬†Milky Way Over Campbeltown, a shot that I have had on my to do list for some time. Admittedly I could have controlled the highlights better and actually had in the first take of this shot but my alignment... Continue Reading →

Finlaggan And The Milky Way

Finlaggan And The Milky Way After my recent night shoot and rekindling my like for night photography we had some more clear skies over Islay so I headed out with the camera again and treat myself to capture Finlaggan and the Milky Way on Islay. Finlaggan is a site of great historical importance to Scotland... Continue Reading →

Campbeltown Astro-Photography

We had clear skies in Campbeltown at the weekend so I headed out with the camera for some astrphotography/night time practise. The intentions for this shoot were trial and error but I did get a few decent shots done. I was mainly scouting areas in my local town to see what the conditions were like,... Continue Reading →

Kildalton Cross & Chapel

Continued my nocturnal photography last night with a wee trip up to Kildalton Cross & Chapel with a fellow keen/amateur photographer, Niall Colthart. Niall has done a lot more night time photography than me so it was good to pick his brain and get some nice learning tips from him, thanks Niall. Our intentions were... Continue Reading →

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