WPC: Lines

WPC: Lines This week The Daily Posts challenges us to capture Lines in our photograph, straight, curvy, vertical, horizontal, hard or soft. Below see how I apply Lines to my Landscape Photography. What Do Lines Do In Photography? When capturing an image there are many techniques a photographer can use to improve the image they... Continue Reading →


Sunset from Muasdale Beach

Sunset from Muasdale Beach I took this image whilst capturing the Sunset from Muasdale Beach, Kintyre a few months ago, when we had a rare sunny night lol. A 3 minute exposure at f11, ISO 100 17mm with my Canon 6d on the Canon 17-40mm L F4.0 lens. I loved the green on the rocks... Continue Reading →

A Walk In Dunlossit Estate

A Walk In Dunlossit Estate I took a walk in Dunlossit Estate, Islay with the intentions of photographing a waterfall that I had shot before but never liked the image due to a big tree that had fallen right across the river. On the route down there I had a quick look at Lily Loch... Continue Reading →

Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay

Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay A quick trip to catch a Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay to test my new 10 stop nd filter last night could not be passed up with the amount of clouds in the sky and the potential for some nice hues off the sunset. As always... Continue Reading →

Aurora at The American Monument, Islay

Aurora at The American Monument, Islay It was not my intention to capture the Aurora at The American Monument, Islay, I headed down there to do a Milky Way shoot, with a Plan B of capturing some of the meteoroid's from the Virginids meteor shower, there was no original Plan C. Enroute, things were not... Continue Reading →

Milky Way From Islay

Milky Way From Islay A post for the 'Time' theme in the weekly photo challenge is a few of the images taken of the Milky Way From Islay a while back. One of the image is an original edit that I had done but never posted as I preferred the alternative edit that I had... Continue Reading →

Knockangle Point, Islay

Knockangle Point, Islay A quick trip down to Knockangle Point, Islay today to see if I could emulate an image that I took a few years back that I subsequently deleted, and it happened to be one of my favourites so every time I'm down there I always take a wee stroll¬†optimistically to see if... Continue Reading →

Finlaggan And The Milky Way

Finlaggan And The Milky Way After my recent night shoot and rekindling my like for night photography we had some more clear skies over Islay so I headed out with the camera again and treat myself to capture Finlaggan and the Milky Way on Islay. Finlaggan is a site of great historical importance to Scotland... Continue Reading →

Milky Way from Islay

Milky Way from Islay Seen the forecast was looking clear for tonight so I headed out with the camera for some practice on capturing some Milky Way from Islay images which I feel fits well into The Daily Posts WPC: Extraordinary this week. A quick check on the moon state indicated a waning crescent and... Continue Reading →

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