Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown

Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown This post of my Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown is in response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge from Patti which turns out to be one of my favourite photos of Campbeltown I have taken in the last few years. The Pano is the result of 12 images stitched together to capture the view... Continue Reading →


Gobagrennan, Campbeltown

Sunset from Gobagrennan, Campbeltown I took these images of the sun setting from Gobagrennan, Campbeltown a few months ago, I had noticed the view from this area whilst driving past one day taking the kids and dog out for a walk up to Lussa Loch. I decided to take my chances during the summer and capture the... Continue Reading →

Sunrise Recce

View From Hillside Farm Over Campbeltown The forecast the night before was giving no clouds so I thought about a shoot to do for sunrise. It's my intentions to photograph a bit more away from my home town and explore Kintyre a bit more and show what it has to offer. So with that in mind... Continue Reading →

Kilchousland to Davaar Island

Kilchousland to Davaar Island A nice walk round past the red rocks resulted in a nice black and white image from Kilchousland to Davaar Island. However it wasn't the image that I was hoping for as I had hoped for a better sunrise this morning but that wasn't to be, so I'll need to revisit... Continue Reading →

Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora

Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora One of the advantages of living in the country in the West Coast of Scotland is the dark skies, a great night was forecast so I out with the camera to capture Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora. Clear skies were forecast and the moon was not sue to rise... Continue Reading →

Milky Way Over Campbeltown

Milky Way Over Campbeltown A very clear and calm night gave me the opportunity to capture the Milky Way Over Campbeltown, a shot that I have had on my to do list for some time. Admittedly I could have controlled the highlights better and actually had in the first take of this shot but my alignment... Continue Reading →


ROY G BIV In response to The Daily Posts Weekly Challenge this week of ROY G.BIV (who's he?) I hear you ask as I did initially then I realised that they were in fact talking about colour, Red Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. So their challenge is to either post a picture of a... Continue Reading →

Misty Davaar Island

Misty Davaar Island An opportunistic shot of Davaar Island, Campbeltown afloat a bank of mist on Easter Day when out rolling our eggs with the kids that I just couldn't pass up. As we were done rolling our eggs and walking back down the hill I turned and took a few quick shots with my... Continue Reading →

Campbeltown Portrait Photography

Campbeltown Portrait Photography For Nancy Merill's Theme this week she asks we share a photo of siblings so I'm sharing a photo from a Campbeltown Portrait Photography session of three own daughters lol, this was taken not that long ago as a gift to the Grand Parents as a thank you to them for looking... Continue Reading →

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