Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown

Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown This post of my Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown is in response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge from Patti which turns out to be one of my favourite photos of Campbeltown I have taken in the last few years. The Pano is the result of 12 images stitched together to capture the view... Continue Reading →


Sunrise Recce

View From Hillside Farm Over Campbeltown The forecast the night before was giving no clouds so I thought about a shoot to do for sunrise. It's my intentions to photograph a bit more away from my home town and explore Kintyre a bit more and show what it has to offer. So with that in mind... Continue Reading →

Campbeltown Loch

Campbeltown Loch A quick review of 2014: 2014 was a good year for me in terms of my photography development. My editing style has changed a bit, especially my sunsets/sunrises and my black and white editing, I'm really liking the dramatic effect I'm applying to my black and whites at the moment and I have... Continue Reading →

Stricken Argent at Davaar Island, Campbeltown, Kintyre

I chose this image of a fishing vessel 'The Argent' for this weeks photo challenge 'Abandoned' as I thought that it fitted in perfectly well with the theme as the boat has been left Abandoned by it's crew after coming aground at The Red Rocks, Campbeltown Loch, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland early one morning across from... Continue Reading →

A View of Campbeltown, Kintyre, Argyll

Campbeltown, Kintyre, Argyll Sonel's challenge this week has had me in a bit of a conundrum as there are two well known songs from my local area, do I go for 'Mull of Kintyre' by Sir Paul McCartney & the Wings with the Campbeltown Pipe Band or do I go for 'Campbeltown Loch' by Andy Stewart...well... Continue Reading →

Davaar Island, Campbeltown, Kintyre

The daily posts theme this week is juxtaposition, which normally I find is a hard subject to get, however I had in mind for this one a shot I done of a boat marooned on the rocks with a lighthouse in the background but I had posted that image before so wanted something different, so... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Safety

The Daily Prompt's Theme today is 'Safety' and an image the jumped straight into my mind was one I took a while back of a stricken fishing boat called the 'Argent'. The boat came aground just as it was leaving Campbeltown Loch across from Davaar Island in an area called The Red Rocks. The details... Continue Reading →

Boats in Campbeltown Harbour in HDR

I'm sure we all know strictly speaking that after you tone map an image it then become a Low Dynamic Range Image, but HDR just sounds more awsome and is a better selling pitch for software and camera developers. The images below were all taken in Campbeltown Harbour at various times. My passion for HDR... Continue Reading →

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