Tangy Road Beach

Tangy Road Beach An unexpected outing saw me head out the West Road to a little beach I call Tangy Road Beach, simply because it's situated where you turn off to head up to Tangy. I've said before in a previous post about having a plan before I head out as if I don't I... Continue Reading →


WPC: Place In The World

WPC: Place In The World This week The Daily Post as us to find our Place In The World, a safe place or a place to go to cheer us up or to feel inspired. For me this was an easy answer for a few reasons. It's the default location I go to when I... Continue Reading →

WPC: Lines

WPC: Lines This week The Daily Posts challenges us to capture Lines in our photograph, straight, curvy, vertical, horizontal, hard or soft. Below see how I apply Lines to my Landscape Photography. What Do Lines Do In Photography? When capturing an image there are many techniques a photographer can use to improve the image they... Continue Reading →

A’Chleit, Kintyre

A'Chleit, Kintyre This week The Daily Post ask us to post an image that represents 'waiting', so for this I'm sharing an image of mine from a few months back taken at A'Chleit, Kintyre. Waiting A'Chleit is a stunning beach with a church situated making it a popular photo in the Kintyre area not far... Continue Reading →

Machrie River, Islay

Machrie River, Islay I'd thought about photographing The Machrie River, Islay for a while but just where and and what time was the challenge. This image was a spontaneous shot and the result of a very unproductive shoot earlier in the day and I was on my way back to the car when I decided to... Continue Reading →

Kilchoman Bay Shipwreck

Kilchoman Bay Shipwreck A few nights ago (1st of may 2015) I decided to get out with the camera after seeing the forecast to get a sunset, where to go was my dilemma! A quick check on the tide times showed that they were at low tide at 11:30pm and with sunset at approx 9:00pm... Continue Reading →

Weather Bomb – Islay

Weather Bomb, Port Charlotte Pier According to the weather forecast, yesterday was supposed to be the worst of the 'Weather Bomb' that we are getting hit with just now, so I decided to grab my camera and head out to see what opportunities there were for the taking! I had a few locations in my... Continue Reading →

Wyre Majestic Shipwreck

Wyre Majestic, Bunnahabhain, Islay I revisited the Wyre Majestic shipwreck a few weeks back as this was my backup shoot on this day as my original plans got ruined by clear skies and bright sunlight, not than I'm moaning about that! So a quick look at where there were some clouds and I was off... Continue Reading →

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