Sunrise Recce

View From Hillside Farm Over Campbeltown The forecast the night before was giving no clouds so I thought about a shoot to do for sunrise. It's my intentions to photograph a bit more away from my home town and explore Kintyre a bit more and show what it has to offer. So with that in mind... Continue Reading →

A View From Dun Skeig Fort

Dun Skeig Fort, Kintyre I headed up to Dun Skeig Fort which is located just over a mile from the village of Clachan in Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland. My plan was to get a panoramic image of the view from the top and also to use it as a recce for a future shot. The forecast... Continue Reading →

Brewing Storm at Bellochantuy

Brewing Storm at Bellochantuy Another trip to Bellochantuy resulted in some more water motion images which I'll save for later but I'll post these images first of this brewing storm at Bellochanuty. It was pretty eerie watching this cloud move in from the West, but it was pretty handy to keep looking up at it... Continue Reading →

Kilchousland to Davaar Island

Kilchousland to Davaar Island A nice walk round past the red rocks resulted in a nice black and white image from Kilchousland to Davaar Island. However it wasn't the image that I was hoping for as I had hoped for a better sunrise this morning but that wasn't to be, so I'll need to revisit... Continue Reading →

View from Dunaverty

View from Dunaverty The forecast was giving clear skies on Saturday morning at sunrise so I opted for capturing and image of the View from Dunaverty, Southend, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland, however there was a thick layer of cloud on the horizon to the East blocking any decent light getting through, I was against the odds in... Continue Reading →

Sunset at Bellochantuy

Sunset at Bellochantuy It had been a while since I done some landscapes so with a potential break in the clouds I headed out to capture a Sunset at Bellochantuy, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland. I have shot out here once before and really liked the compositions that it offers with the setting sun, however this time I... Continue Reading →

Loch Lomond Long Exposure

Loch Lomond Long Exposure With a couple of hours to spare on a recent trip to Glasgow I decided to head to Loch Lomond for some Long Exposure Photography. I had one image that I wanted to capture and that was the Lone tree at Milarrochy. I had wanted to photograph this as a long... Continue Reading →

Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora

Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora One of the advantages of living in the country in the West Coast of Scotland is the dark skies, a great night was forecast so I out with the camera to capture Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora. Clear skies were forecast and the moon was not sue to rise... Continue Reading →

Complete Wedding Package

Complete Wedding Package £949 I am delighted to announce that I have teamed up with Photobooth Fun and VDMP to put together the Complete Wedding Package for an amazing £949. I am offering full day wedding photography with Photobooth Fun giving you 3 hours of Photobooth hire and VDMP giving you your music from after... Continue Reading →

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