Star Trails Over Gigha & The Island Queen

Star Trails Over Gigha & The Island Queen Last night I headed out with the camera to capture some Star Trails Over Gigha & The Island Queen boat wreck at Tayinloan, Kintyre, Argyll. My main plan was to get Star Trails over the Island Queen, I wasn't really looking for anything else. The Island Queen... Continue Reading →


Star Trails in Kintyre

Star Trails in Kintyre Last night's clear skies in the West Coast of Scotland allowed me the opportunity to give some star trails a practice. I had found this abandoned boat a few weeks ago when I was out looking for a Plan B when my original shoot went wrong and decided that I would... Continue Reading →

Milky Way Over Campbeltown

Milky Way Over Campbeltown A very clear and calm night gave me the opportunity to capture the┬áMilky Way Over Campbeltown, a shot that I have had on my to do list for some time. Admittedly I could have controlled the highlights better and actually had in the first take of this shot but my alignment... Continue Reading →

Aurora at The American Monument, Islay

Aurora at The American Monument, Islay It was not my intention to capture the Aurora at The American Monument, Islay, I headed down there to do a Milky Way shoot, with a Plan B of capturing some of the meteoroid's from the Virginids meteor shower, there was no original Plan C. Enroute, things were not... Continue Reading →

Campbeltown Astro-Photography

We had clear skies in Campbeltown at the weekend so I headed out with the camera for some astrphotography/night time practise. The intentions for this shoot were trial and error but I did get a few decent shots done. I was mainly scouting areas in my local town to see what the conditions were like,... Continue Reading →

Kildalton Cross & Chapel

Continued my nocturnal photography last night with a wee trip up to Kildalton Cross & Chapel with a fellow keen/amateur photographer, Niall Colthart. Niall has done a lot more night time photography than me so it was good to pick his brain and get some nice learning tips from him, thanks Niall. Our intentions were... Continue Reading →

Milky Way First Attempt

So having put off night photography for long enough I finally gave in and got out a few nights ago and gave it a try. I have to admit the images are not the best but I am ok with that as this was my first attempt and it was mainly an exercise to test... Continue Reading →

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