Sunset At Point Sands Beach

Sunset At Point Sands Beach I had been out a walk with one of the kids and dog and used it as a bit of a recce when I decided that I needed to come back at photograph a Sunset at Point Sands Beach, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland. The area I was planning on taking my... Continue Reading →


Islay, Jura, Colonsay and Mull

Islay, Jura, Colonsay and Mull An opportunistic shot taken on my way back from a shoot some time ago that captures¬†Islay, Jura, Colonsay and Mull, I happened to look in my rear view mirror and noticed that the sunset was still given off some nice hues so I couldn't resist pulling into the side of... Continue Reading →

Jura Deer

Jura Deer I took the pleasure a few weeks ago of visiting the beautiful Island of Jura, Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland, probably most famous for it's mountainous landscape and the vast amount of 'Jura Deer' that are scattered about the Island. Roe Deer I had read somewhere that there were somewhere in... Continue Reading →

Corran River Jura

Corran River Jura A recent trip to Jura offered me the chance to give the Island a little¬†reconnaissance and capture some of it's stunning scenery and wildlife rather than tackle one of the Paps of Jura, which will come and I wasn't disappointed with the scenery offered towards the paps from the Corran River. I... Continue Reading →

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