Saddell Castle

Saddell Castle

There’s an image I have had in my mind for sometime now up at Saddell Castle, Kintyre that I’ve been waiting on the right conditions to capture, sadly to say this wasn’t it.

In fact the conditions today were crap fro photography to be honest. Too windy for long exposure and a grey sky that was too bright for my liking, why did I bother you may ask?

Well at the start of the year I decided to head out with the camera even when the conditions were not the best as sometimes you capture an image you never planned on.


I had been here last year with the kids and dog out a nice walk when I had noticed the composition I had in my mind so I headed straight for that spot.

Happy with my composition I captured the image below, my intentions were to use the dark rocks inbetween the grass as an implied line to lead the viewer out to the castle, I was happy with this in my mind but after post editing I’m not so sure.

Due to the lack of light it was only ever going to be a black and white photograph so it was dult edited this way.

Shot at: f11, 0.4 seconds exposure time, ISO 50 with a 2 stop grad filter at 17mm.

Saddle Castle
Saddle Castle

Take a Break, Re-Assess

Huh, well as strange as it may sound I only edited this image a few hours ago and wasn’t keen on it, however after taking a break and uploaded the image it has actually grown on me, I’m starting to like it lol.

I really like the foreground, the hairy grass on the rocks in the foreground provide some good foreground interest, the castle stands out a bit against the brighter background whilst the tress are almost silhouetted which in effect almost creates a frame for the castle.

One of the things that played on my mind was how small the castle was in the frame and it is, however for me it still works due to the bright background and as I said the implied framing by the trees.

Yip, it’s growing on me.

Cain – A Right Pain

For those of you that read my posts often will know I take my dog ( Cain ) out with me as most would but he can be a right pain in the you know what.

See the number of times I had to throw a stick for him to get him out of frame, or in the next image splashed water on to my filter or knocked the tripod, bloody big pest.

After capturing my image I had a little look around for another composition and noticed behind me larger area of the hairy grass so decided that I would head there and shoot a landscape orientation.

Changing Plans

Once I was on the grassy area I quickyle realised that this image was going to be in portrait orientation also.

In between the mound of grass were delightfull rock pools and I found one that was just begging to be used as a leading line.

Captured at: f11, 1/6 of a second exposure time, ISO 50 with a 2 stop grad filter and Polarizer at 29mm.

Saddle Castle
Saddle Castle

As you can see, there is no way I could have turned down this rock pool 🙂 I used my polarizer filter to reduce the glare a bit on the water to bring through the rocks and pebbles a bit more.

I like this image however I would have like to have done a long exposure here but due to the gusting wind there was no way I would have got a decent image.


A nice walk today with a couple of images that I am happy with. It was also used as a bit of a Recce.

From this we trip out I have managed to find 3 more images that I want to capture which is a huge bonus, one in particular is from this exact location, stay tuned for the images.

Images posted in respone to the Lens-Artists Challenge #33 ‘Nature’


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