Tangy Road Beach

Tangy Road Beach

An unexpected outing saw me head out the West Road to a little beach I call Tangy Road Beach, simply because it’s situated where you turn off to head up to Tangy.

I’ve said before in a previous post about having a plan before I head out as if I don’t I usually end up photographing in the same style and in the same locations.

Half a Plan

I did have something of a plan in my head, it was to do a wide angle image that would capture the crashing waves coming in along the coastline looking South Westerly in the direction of Machrihanish, I didn’t really have a final image in mind as to be honest I wasn’t sure where I was going to shoot it from.

On the drive out I could see that there wasn’t much good light left as the sun was about to drop behind the clouds so I parked up as soon as I could and set out to find a composition.


I quickly realised that getting my composition for my original plan wasn’t going to happen. The area I had chosen didn’t reveal enough of Westport to make the image worthy so a quick plan B was put into action.


I was still wanting to capture the waves crashing against the rocks in the bay I ended up in. Every now and then there was a good one that smashed against the rocks and shot into the air.

I had my 17-40mm lens on initially but quickly changed this to my 24-70mm as I wanted to get in close to the action.

A first couple of test shots and I just wasn’t feeling the images, so I climbed down from the little cliff face I was on and up onto the rocks on the beach.

I stood for a few minutes watching the waves to assess how they were hitting the rocks and to find the best composition.


The wind was gusting pretty strong up on the rocks and I had no shelter from my new vantage point but I was looking to get around half a second exposure time to capture the motion in the waves.

I soon found my composition, but to be honest I could have done better here, my composition was mostly based on placing the horizom line in the top third of the frame as per the rule of thirds. By doing this I neglected the foreground which is a shame as there was some decent interest for foreground objects there.

Image below shot at 24mm f11, ISO 100, 0.5 exposure time, Grad ND Filter

Tangy Road Beach Waves
Tangy Road Beach Waves

Quickly Moving On

Once I was happy with the images I had captured I quickly moved on to another composition that I had seen.

I moved to the little bay that looked out in the direction of the now setting sun and South Westerly to Machrihanish headland, however before I shot this I decided to try my luck up on the rocks next to this and I was delighted with what I seen.

There was a fantastic rock formation offering itself as an implied leading line out to the headland, the only thing was setting the tripod up was a bit precarious, which is becoming a habit now lol.

Image below shot at 27mm, f11 ISO 100, 60 second exposure, 10 stop ND filter.

Sunset Long Exposure at Tangy Road Beach
Sunset Long Exposure at Tangy Road Beach

Final Image

Once that image was in the bag I headed back to the bay to capture my final image.

I used some washed up seaweed as my foreground interest here rather than remove it from the scene otherwise there would have been too much sand in the foreground. The rocks either side in the bay are used to draw the viewers eyes out to the headland in the distance.

Image below shot at 27mm, f11, ISO 100, 4 stop ND filter.


Long Exposure at Tangy Road Beach
Long Exposure at Tangy Road Beach

Black and White Edit

Long Exposure at Tangy Road Beach
Long Exposure at Tangy Road Beach

I think I prefer the colour edit out of the 2 above but not sure.

I was after a different image here to be honest. I wanted half a second exposure to capture motion in the water as it swept up over the seaweed, but by the time I had done my long exposure and got setup for the half second image all the clour had disappeared from the scene.

I still shot it but haven’t edited it yet as the raw file doesn’t look to convincing.


Always nice to get out and about and even better to get some decent images on an opportunistic shoot.

I’ll return here at some point, maybe to do a milky way shoot as the little bay is positioned just right.


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  1. Some real beauties there, even if you don’t seem altogether satisfied? Interesting to follow your process as well, your thinking and the outcome. Just beautiful.


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