Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown

Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown

This post of my Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown is in response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge from Patti which turns out to be one of my favourite photos of Campbeltown I have taken in the last few years.

The Pano is the result of 12 images stitched together to capture the view looking over Campbeltown out to the West.

It was pretty challenging capturing this image due to the setting sun out to the West. This was causing the right hand side of the image to be very bright in comparison to the left.

I had to expose for the highlights on the right which brought down the exposure in the left of the image causing it to be darker than it actually was but I brought this back up in post editing.

Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown
Panoramic Photo of Campbeltown

Panoramic Print

If your looking for a large print for a feature wall or just a large panoramic print to hang up them contact me and I can get a print arranged for you.

Long Exposure

I had also taken a long exposure however this didn’t turn out the way I was hoping to capture the image so I have decided that I will retry this one at some point in the future.

Campbeltown Long Exposure Photo
Campbeltown Long Exposure Photo

I think most of you will agree that the Panoramic image offers a better view of The Wee Toon.


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