Craigaig Waterfall, Kintyre

Craigaig Waterfall

Well it’s been a while, just over 3 months since my last post so to break the current trend I headed to Craigaig Waterfall.

I’ll take a step back, about a month ago I went to write a reminder in our calendar which is a calendar of images I captured the previous year and when I seen it was December I realised that I needed to create one for 2019.

A quick mental calculation and I thought I wouldn’t have enough images to create a decent calendar.

I quickly got the laptop for a scan through and managed to scrape 12 good enough images for it but a few of were captured from the same trip or from the same location. This highlighted to me that I really never got out enough with the camera in 2018.

New Years Resolution

After struggling to create the calendar I decided that this year I would be making more of a effort to get out with the camera.

I think there were a few reasons for my lack of photography, mainly I was fed up visiting the same locations but also I started to become one of those photographers that would only go out in the perfect conditions. I needed great light, just the right amount of clouds and wind so that everything was perfect, and when you stay in the West Coast of Scotland these conditions are few and far between.

Also, I didn’t really plan my outings. When conditions were favourable I would grab my bag and dog and jump in the car without a real plan and this is when I would end up returning to the same location again and again, which ended up boring me.

Change of Tactics

So, this year I sat down and wrote down 14 images I am going to try, and I have 6 locations for recce’s. I have also changed my tactics.

I’m no longer bothered about getting sunset or sunrise colours. I’ll be heading out when I get the chance in any conditions and will try and make the most of what is offered.

First Outing of 2019

After feeling revitalised and refreshed I started off 2019 with renewed enthusiasm and headed out with the camera for some night photography on 2 occasions, it was great getting out and I was really looking forward to capturing some star trails…however my intervalometer had other ideas.

The intervalometer for what ever reason failed to initiated the shutter on the camera. When I had put in my settings for the images and started the sequence everything seemed to be working fine, red light blinking on the dslr and the intervalometer beeping away so I thought great.

I sat down for a bit, walked for a bit and got bloody frozen for a bit waiting for my images to finish. At around 1am my sequence finished and I couldn’t wait to look at the LCD.

I can laugh at it now but at the time I nearly launched the camera lol. I also headed out the next night but the clouds had not cleared as forecast

So, I have since binned the intervalometer, installed Magic Lantern for the intervalometer but I have also installed DSLR Controller on my smartphone to control my camera, I also have Cannon Connect.

First Image of 2019

Apologies for waffling on a bit but I do feel as though I need to explain my absence and recent fails. So my first success of 2019 came at Craigaig Waterfall, Kintyre. Route Below which is the same route as my previous post to Innean’s Bay.

craigaig waterfall route

Park your vehicle at the car park marked by the red square and Follow the Kinytre Way route until you turn right as indicated by the sign post and walk to the waterfall, indicated by the red circle.

I could hear the water falling as I approached and it sounded good, but I have to admit I wasn’t really prepared for how beautiful this area was. As I came down from the high ground to the river the Waterfall revealed itself to me. I immediately saw a composition and got set up, but after reviewing the image I wasn’t happy, I could do better I thought so I moved further forward to get a better image:

Craigaig Waterfall, Kintyre

Shot at f11, ISO 100, 20 seconds and 17mm. I tried using the large rock as a bit of foreground interest but again I’m not too happy with this image. There is too much going on in the foreground with the rock and the whirlpool. The rock has too many bright spots on it and is really competing for the viewers attention, so I repositioned for the image below:

Craigaig Waterfall

Yip, this is better and I love the foreground interest with the whirlpool. Shot at f11, ISO 100, 20 seconds and 39mm. The small rock in the bottom right doesn’t really distract for me so I left it in, I may re-edit and take it out if it annoys me too much lol.

But again, I decided to move forward a bit again, just to see if there was another compostion, and I felt there was:

Craigaig Waterfall

Shot at f11, ISO 100, 20 seconds, 22mm. I quite like this image also, I do wish I had a pair of waders however as I was desperate to get in the middle of the river to get an image but I don’t so had to make do with the river bank.

Lastly I decided to zoom in a bit just to capture the waterfall itself:

Craigaig Waterfall

I like this one also. Looking at this image reminds me of the time I captured the waterfall at Killean Estate and how I wanted to go back there to capture it when it wasn’t covered in ice, well the reverse is true here. I would love to come back here when there are some nice icicles hanging from the rocks, hmm I think I may have just added another image to my to do list lol.

All images had a 4 stop ND filter and a 2 stop Grad ND filter to control the sky. It was a very overcast day which was great for the long exposures.

All images posted in response to Ryan Photography’s Mid-Week Monochrome Challenge feel free to visit and particiapte.


So, it was great to be back out and about walking again, which I need to add I had been putting off last year also due to Plantar Fasciitis which is getting better now but still a bit sore.

But getting out with the camera to locations like this is worth it, stunning.

When I was up the top of the cliffs it seemed as though there may be at least one more waterfall to attempt but I will return at another date to have a look at this as it does seem a bit of a climb down and I’m not sure it’s safe or not.

Anyway, I’m away for now to start thinking about my next trip out 🙂



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