Innean’s Bay, Kintyre

Innean’s Bay, Kintyre

It’s been too long for a good walk and that’s exactly what I got walking to Innean’s Bay, Kintyre.

I started off by parking the car at the car park before Ballygroggan Farm and followed The Kinytre Way walk which starts at the farm.

The route itself was easy going and marked with the Kintyre Way markers and when you reach Innean’s Glen it’s downhill from there. Once you reach the Largiebaan Wildlife Reserve it is a steep descent, very steep. On the way back up I was on all fours at one point but I’m sure this is because I never really followed the correct route and just climbed up using sheep tracks. Ooooft calves were screaming.

Innean's Bay Walk Map

The red square is the area I photographed the Waterfall image ( below ) from.

Some images from my mobile phone:

Top of the glen.


Looking North on the way back. I have an image in mind for this location.

Innean’s Glen Waterfall

My main aim of the walk was to photograph Innean’s Glen Waterfall which I had been shown a while ago from my wife’s uncle on his phone, he failed to tell me that there was no real place to position a tripod to get a decent long exposure especially when the wind is gusting over 35 miles per hour, cheers Alex lol.

I was really impressed with Alex’s photo but I wanted to do a long exposure to smooth out the falls but I was concerned with the wind and the incoming shower, however more so with the precarious position my tripod was in to get the image.

I couldn’t get too close as the water spray off the falls would have been too much so I setup the tripod on a rock but was also holding onto it as the gusts were blowing it over, far from ideal. I wanted to take a photo of the position I was in but just couldn’t leave the camera and tripod alone incase it fell of.

Anyway, I finally got setup and managed a 4 second exposure at f11, ISO 100 to get the image below.

Innean's Glen Waterfall


I was happy with the image I managed to capture so didn’t hang around and headed down to Innean’s Bay.

Innean’s Bay

On the way down I took the image below. I captured this handheld as it was far too windy to setup the tripod. The image is by no means a great image, I only captured it to show you what Innean’s Bay looks like, I would like to re-visit at some point to get a better take on it, perhaps at sunset.

Innean's Bay, Kintyre

And some from my mobile phone.

Sailors grave at Innenan's Bay, Kintyre.

For more information on the grave visit The Road To Drumleman post.

Once down in the bay I tried to capture an image of the waves crashing against the rocks but I’m not overly happy with the final image, again water spray was causing issues and my mind was elsewhere as I was keeping an eye on the clouds as they were getting lower due to the passing shower and I was getting concerned incase they dropped too much I would struggle to find my way back.

Innean's Bay Crashing Wave

Anyone looking to visit the area should consider the walk, maybe an overnight camp at the bay.


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