Sunset At Point Sands Beach

Sunset At Point Sands Beach

I had been out a walk with one of the kids and dog and used it as a bit of a recce when I decided that I needed to come back at photograph a Sunset at Point Sands Beach, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland.

The area I was planning on taking my photograph from was just South of Point Sands Holiday Park which is set in the beautiful West Coast of Kintyre offering a relaxing luxury stay with some of the best views you can hope for.

Ideally situated for exploring Kintyre or further afield in Argyll Point Sands is worth considering for a break away from the city.

Nice Walk Along The Beach

To get to where I wanted to be I had parked at the ferry terminal at Tayinloan and enjoyed the nice walk along the beach for about a mile, passed The Island Queen shipwreck which offers it’s own stunning photographic opportunities as seen here at night with the Milky Way and Aurora and here with a moody sky

Along the way I was noticing various compositions but it wasn’t until I got to the end that I knew I had to return that evening to capture the sunset.

We had came across a nice curving stream that had cut its way through the sand leading the eye out to Jura. I had checked the PlanIt Pro App on my phone and it has suggested that the sun would be setting in a favourable position with regards to the stream.


On my return later that evening I decided to head further upstream as my composition, my intentions being to use some of the clumps of grass as my foreground. However after shooting this initial image I moved about 15 feet to capture the stream entering the frame from the bottom right arching it’s way through the image to the left then back to the right leading you out to the setting sun which worked better for me.

Sunset At Point Sands Beach

This image was captured at f11, ISO 100, 1/8th of a second.

Use The Zoom

I liked this shot but I wanted to play around a bit, so I moved further down stream and zoomed in a bit to emphasise Jura in the distance a bit more which was being silhouetted just beautifully.

I have been experimenting a lot more with using my zoom on my lenses rather than shooting wide open and I have to be honest, I am loving it.

Foolishly I had left my 70-200mm still attached to my mirrorless Canon as earlier we had a wild rabbit visit us in the back garden so I tried out the EOS M3 on this and forgot to put the lens back in my bag, however I don’t think it would have worked as well as the 24-70mm I shot these images with in this vantage point.

I zoomed into 42mm for this next shot, which works really well for me, and moving further down the stream you see more of the S curve of the stream leading you out to Jura.

Sunset At Point Sands Beach

Hairy Green Rocks

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for the Hairy Green Rocks at Sunset. I love the colour contrast of the green against the orange hues of the sunset, so when I noticed the rocks on the way back I just had to.

In hindsight I should have composed these images a bit better, but still not bad for opportunistic shots.

Sunset At Point Sands Beach

In all modesty I like this image above, but I wish I had moved the larger rock in the foreground and just used the pool as my foreground itself, however I didn’t want to be left with a gaping hole ruining my composition. I feel had I done that I would have had a far better image and could have easily edited it out in photoshop, anyway maybe next time 🙂

Shot at f11, ISO 100, 2 seconds at 24mm.


In this next image I moved 10 feet to shoot a wide open landscape, normally I would have shot this as a long exposure, however I didn’t like the direction of the clouds so opted for the quicker shutter speed.

Sunset At Point Sands Beach

Shot at f11, ISO 100, 2 seconds, 24mm.


I’m happy with the images however as always there is room for improvement. I feel I need to work better on my composition, especially on my foreground, I need to pay more attention to whats in the frame.

Also I need to get out more regularly. On my way back to the car I decided to stop and capture a long exposure, but I ran into problems.

Firstly, I used my Intervalometer to capture the long exposure but then stupidly I set my camera on Manual rather than Bulb and had the exposure still set from earlier at 2 seconds but my intervalometer was still beeping away 5 minutes later with me thinking it was capturing the image…not!!! Lol, idiot.

By the time I realised my mistake I just laughed and gave up as the light from the sunset was fading fast and the clouds had moved further into the frame so I just put that miss down to experience 🙂

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  1. I really love your image of the Hairy Rock at Sunset — Beautiful green contrast with the sky! While it can be maddening that a simple mistake of being on manual, (which I recently did myself causing me to lose the moment), we have to just appreciate that we were there and was part of the beauty of the moment and learn for next time. Thank you for sharing and all the details!

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