WPC: Place In The World

WPC: Place In The World

This week The Daily Post as us to find our Place In The World, a safe place or a place to go to cheer us up or to feel inspired.

For me this was an easy answer for a few reasons.

It’s the default location I go to when I head out with my camera and haven’t planned anything, It offers stunning views and various opportunities to get a great image.

For those of you that follow me you will have seen a lot of my images coming from Bellochantuy Beach, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland.


So, no surprise there then if you do follow me ( if you don’t please click the follow button at the bottom to keep up to date with my posts 🙂 ), It’s an area that I am able to get to easily, take the dog for a walk and take my camera with me also, and I know that I will more times than not capture an image worth sharing.

A stretch of 2 -3 miles of beach which provides great photographic opportunities, such as the images below:

In these set of images I had headed out to capture the sunset whilst walking the dog, after walking for a bit I came across this rock that was positioned just right with the tide to capture the incoming water crash against it.

I have slowed the shutter speed in these images to capture the motion of the water crashing against the rock, shutter speed ranging from 1/15th, 1/4 and 1/2 a second.

For those eagle eyed among you the image I like the most is actually the worse out of the three. Whilst trying to capture these images a lot of spray from the waves had blown onto my filter and created a lot of water marks, I could have tried to edit them out but opted not to as it would have taken too long to try and fix but I still like the image as it is.

Stunning Sunsets

Another one of the reasons I love visiting Bellochantuy is it offers stunning sunsets with amazing views, as shown below.

Sunset at Bellochanuty

Click on the image to see more from this trip with stunning skies.

Weather Makes Great Images

Coming from the West Coast of Scotland we are used to lots of rain and wind, but this weather makes great images. One thing I don’t do often enough is get out with the camera to capture it, however in the image below I did exactly that.

Brewing Storm at Bellochantuy

Again, click on the image that will take you to the post for this trip.

Abstract Photography

There are also plenty of opportunities for creating some abstract photography along the beach. With moving water, fire on an ND filter, isolate a subject, smooth out the water and have a bland background, just like below.

Abstract Photography

Yip, to view the post on this image just click the image above.

Long Exposure Photography

As above there are plenty of long exposure images to capture. I love lone exposures, and utilise either my 10 stop or 4 stop as much as I can.

Personally I don’t like having water in my images without either adding motion or smoothing it out.

Long Exposure at Bellochantuy

I just love the cloud movement in this image.

Thunderstorms Anyone?

I hinted earlier that I don’t go out enough during poor weather but I do try at times and I was rewarded on this occasion.

Kintyre Thunderstorm

Click on the image above to view the images and post from this thunderstorm.


And lastly, the coastline does present itself with Driftwood every now and then, as shown below.

Click the image to see the post.

The beauty of the coastline is it is always changing. Each time I visit Bellochantuy Beach the landscape has changed, a formation of rocks previously there will be washed away, a clear bit of sand now covered with thousands of pebbles or a river cut through the sand providing a great lead in line.

With the ever changing scene that’s why I love returning time after time.



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