Arran From Grogport

Arran From Grogport

I headed out to get an image of Arran From Grogport, just north of Carradale, Kinytre, Argyll but I had decided that I was going to change the way I shoot for this image.

Telephoto Lens

Normally I’m a wide angle lens shooter, however I wanted to change things up a bit so I stuck on my 70-200mm to try and get some more close up images of the mountains on Arran.

The forecast was clear skies and little wind, I wasn’t too fussed about it but I do prefer a bit of cloud, and I am in the West Coast of Scotland so take the forecast with a pinch of salt lol.


On arrival there was some stratus cloud clinging to Beinn Bharrain and Mullach Bhuide which wasn’t what I had in my mind, or to be honest what I was looking for.

With the 70-200mm on I was hoping to get zoomed in and capture the sun lighting up the tips of the hills and create a panoramic, but that wasn’t going to happen with the cloud.


This was my first visit to Grogport so I had to walk around for a bit to find a decent composition. It’s not a large area, infact it’s only a small beach so there wasn’t much to offer compositionally, which in the end didn’t really matter as the image(s) I shot with the telephoto I had zoomed in so the foreground didn’t really matter.


I have to be honest, shooting with the 70-200mm on was a bit of a struggle. I do prefer the wide angle lens.

I like capturing the whole vista in front of me, shooting with the telephoto meant shooting a panoramic to capture more of the scene which I’m happy doing but just feels un-natural.

Here’s the panoramic below, 16 images shot at f11, ISO100, 1/20, 128mm:

Arran From Grogport


When the light started to get a bit better I zoomed in a bit closer to try and isolate the hill tops and capture the glow from the rising sun.

Arran From Grogport

And naturally I fired the wide angle on to capture a few images, I couldn’t resist, 7 images, f11, ISO 100, 1/20 at 40mm:

Arran From Grogport

Out of the two images I do prefer the 70-200mm image. I prefer the size and detail of the hills in the image and how this leaves the viewer in no doubt what the image is about.


One thing about this wee shoot proved that I need to buy another ND filter, a 3 stop or 5 stop. I only have a 10 stop full nd filter which would have made my exposures too long, especially for a 16 image pano, a 3 stop would have been better in these conditions with an exposure time of 20 seconds would have been more suitable too smooth out the water a bit.

Waiting For Sunrise

Whilst waiting for the sun to rise I took this image below, f11, ISO 100, 5 Seconds at 17mm

Sunrise from Grogport


On reflection I actually like all of the images apart from the wide angle panoramic, I think I would like it if I never captured the 70-200mm pano.

Even the isolated hill tops image is growing on me by the day. Looking at it again I would maybe have cropped a bit more from the right but I’m conflicted as I like the colours from the sunrise there.

I think I’ll be using my 70-200mm a bit more in future trips, well it will certainly be in my kit bag more often than not.

I’m posting these images in response the The Daily Post’s WPC ‘Tour Guide‘ as through my imagery I’m trying show the viewers the beauty of the area I live in.

Feel free to follow the blog or on instagram for more images.


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