The Bastard View

The Bastard View

Ok, let’s tackle the post title, The Bastard View! Why am I naming my post this? We’ll I went for a walk down the Learside, Kintyre and after the walk I decided to tackle the hill across from where I had parked, aptly named The Bastard, honest.

The screen shot below confirms the name of the hill and the route I had taken.

The Bastard View Walk

I’m not sure if it’s true but local fisherman say that this area was called The Bastard by fishermen and seamen not from the area that frequently crashed their boats there.

Anyway, the hill itself isn’t much of a challenge on foot to call it by it’s name but on the day I walked up it the wind was The Bastard!!! It was blowing a hooly.

Conditions were not great for photography, but it had been a long time since I last took the camera out for some landscape stuff so I decided to see what I could get.

My original intentions were to head up the track through the woods at Feochaig however I drove passed it and decided that I would turn round at the next available turning point, which happened to be another walk that I had planned for the future, so instead I done this walk first.

The route was good, but photographically it offered nothing for me, so I opted to walk up The Bastard hill instead and see if there was anything worthy of shooting.

I did like the view to the South more than to the East and North. I would have liked to have done a Long Exposure but the wind was nearly blowing me over so there was no chance of that.

The resulting image was captured at f11, ISO 200, 1/200th of a second edited in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.

The Bastard View

As I said earlier I liked the view to the South, looking towards Sheep Island and Sanda. Under better conditions I think there is a better image to be captured from here.

And just for a bit of variation here is a black and white edit of the same image.

The View From The Bastard

Image also shared with Cee Nuner’s Photo Challenge this week of Open Topic.


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