Rainbow over A’Chleit

Rainbow over A’Chleit

My image this week is for The Daily Posts Weekly Photo Challenge of ‘Serene‘, and is a Rainbow over A’Chleit, Kintyre.

I shot this a while back whilst out trying to capture a sunset which never turned out the way I had hoped but still happy with this image.

Long Exposure

A 5 minute long exposure at f16, ISO 100 to capture this image edited in Photoshop CC.

I’ve been here a few times now but like most photographers that re-visit the same location you start to see different compositions based on different light conditions, weather etc. Visit my post A’Chleit, Kintyre to see this abstract black and white image.

Rainbow over A'Chleit

Coastal Photography

This is why I love coastal photography so much. Each time I visit a location that I have been to before there is always a different image available, well almost always.

I have returned to a location a few times with an image in mind but only to have the tide in a different position from what I had hoped then the weather change. If there are few compositions then this can scupper your shoot, but usually there is something to be photographed.

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