Long Exposure at Bellochantuy

Long Exposure at Bellochantuy

Thought I would give my new Firecrest 10 stop ND Filter a try out with a Long Exposure at Bellochantuy image.

I headed out about an hour before sunset, I wasn’t looking for the usual sunset colours on this occasion as looking at the forecast and satellite images there was too much cloud cover in the area, although I would have taken it had it broke through.


So, once I arrived and decided on my composition there wasn’t much light left, my first exposure was for 2 minutes and was massively under-exposed.

I decided to go for a 5 minute exposure next and it was on the button, however I had moved my position slightly to get a better composition and never pushed my tripod into the sand enough which led it to sink during the exposure, leaving it useless.


I decided to re-locate before I lost all the light. The waves were  coming in too hard on my tripod for the composition I was in, so I quickly moved down the shore to find a rock that was not too far out into the water and causing shake on the tripod.

A 12 minute exposure here and to be honest it was still under-exposed. I brought it back in photoshop and converted it to black and white to add more drama to the movement in the clouds that lead to out into the distance, where Islay and Jura can be seen.

Long Exposure at Bellochantuy


Despite the file being under-exposed I quite like the final image. I like the abstract feel to it, with a nice contrast in motion in the clouds versus the static of the rock and dark tones versus the bright tones.

The filter id good, really good and it works great in my 100mm Nisi V5 Filter holder. If anything it’s maybe too tight ( not a bad thing I suppose ) but squeezing the filter in is a bit of a tight fit, at least it wont slip out.

What I love about the filter holder is the quick release. My previous 10 stop was a screw in, so focusing was a nightmare, however with this it’s a quick pull in the latch remove the filters and focus then stick all the filters back on and away you go, what a dream.

It’s only the second time I have used the Firecrest, but I haven’t seen any colour cast from it at all, seems to be very neutral indeed.



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