Gobagrennan, Campbeltown

Sunset from Gobagrennan, Campbeltown

I took these images of the sun setting from Gobagrennan, Campbeltown a few months ago, I had noticed the view from this area whilst driving past one day taking the kids and dog out for a walk up to Lussa Loch.

I decided to take my chances during the summer and capture the sunset from here but I had to trek a bit to find an acceptable vantage point to shoot from.

With the huge vista in front of my I decided to shoot a panoramic image to capture as much of the view as possible which looks out towards Drumlemble, Machrihanish, the airport and CS Wind factory.

The pano below is the result of 9 images stitched together in Microsoft ICE and edited in Photoshop CC.

Gobagrennan, Campbeltown

I liked how there was a little bit of mist starting to roll in from the sea covering Machrihanish, but on my way back I had to stop off and take a quick shot as the sky started to glow from the sunset.

Gobagrennan, Campbeltown

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