Campbeltown Airport Tower & The Milky Way

Campbeltown Airport Tower & The Milky Way

Another clear night was forecast which gave me the opportunity to capture two images of Campbeltown Airport Tower & The Milky Way, I’m still riding my wave of Astrophotography enthusiasm after my recent post capturing the Milky Way & Aurora.

However, this was only an opportunistic shot as I had already planned a shot which worked out pretty well. But when I turned around to head back to my car I noticed that the Airport Tower was being rim lit by the bright security lights from other buildings ans was looking good.

Bright Lights

My initial concerns were that the lights in the background would be too bright and blow out during the long exposure but after my test shot realised that they were fine and would be able to reduce them a bit more in post editing.

The image below is the result of 5 images stacked together creating the vertorama to take in more of the Milky Way.

This part of the Milky Way is the opposite direction form the Milky Way core so there is not much colour in it, but still always nice to observe.

Layers of Cloud

I was really surprised that I got the chance to capture this image as when I was walking to my initial location there was layers of cloud covering moving in the direction of the tower moking me think that this evening was going to be wasted.

Much to my surprise after I finished my planned shoot when I turned around the cloud had all but disappeared.

Anyway, here’s the image, shot with a Canon 6D, with a 14mm Samyang f2.8 lens at ISO 3200, 30 seconds, f2.8, 5 images merged together.

Campbeltown Airport Tower & The Milky Way

Milky Way Centre

When I was happy with the images I had captured I was walking back to the car when I decided to try and capture the Milky Way Centre arching over the tower, but I knew before hand that there was major lighting issues from all the different colour temperatures of lights that were shining on to the tower and surrounding buildings.

I set my white balance to 3600K but even at that the horrendous light coming from the factory behind me was still showing up that horrible orange colour. I then set it to 3200K but it still wasn’t working for me, so I decided the best thing to do here was to leave the colours until post editing in Photoshop where I would edit the colours with layers.

With the same settings above and after a bit of editing I came up with the image below.

Campbeltown Airport Tower & The Milky Way


At the moment Machrihanish Airbase Community Company ( MACC ) with the support of Argyll and Bute Council and Highland & Island’s EnterpriseĀ are bidding to become the UK’s first Spaceport, visit the subsidiary companies website, Discover Space UK for more information.

How awesome would it be for the local community and surrounding areas to have such an opportunity, fingers crossed we will be able to witness aircraft launching to space in the near future.

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  1. I’m not a fan of spending a lot of time in PhotoShop. Serious, for me it’s way under 30 seconds for each shot. I was even thinking of something to speed it all up like photo mechanix. Your post work has really paid off and you’ve a great shot!

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