Rhunahaorine Point

Rhunahaorine Point

I was looking for a location to photograph from that I hadn’t been to before so decided to use my outing as a bit of a recce to see if I could get a good composition.
I did a bit of research online and decided that I was going to head for Rhunahaorine Point, it showed some good potential…sea and a shoreline pointing roughly in the same direction of the setting sun.

Visualising My Image

The image I was generating in my head was using the shoreline as a leading line out to the setting sun and hopefully find something that would give a bit of foreground interest also.
Access to the shoreline is very easy when you come off the main road, just follow the track until it splits, then take the track to the right and park when you can go no further at a gate and a 1 minute walk from there.
The shoreline was very long so I had decided to walk along it a fair bit until I found something decent for my foreground, but also to bring the items in the image more into the frame as I wanted to shoot around 17mm.
One thing to note is that this is a pebbled shore, which is also part of The Kintyre Way ( which I really need to walk at some point ), if you are not a seasoned walked or have soft feet I can see this being a pain for some folk to walk along, but the scenery makes up for it.

Foreground Interest

After a little walk I found an old tyre lying on the pebbled shore which I decided to use as my foreground interest, pretty much because there wasn’t much else, oh no wait there was, there was a nice arched branch that had been washed up that would have been an excellent choice until my dog, Cain, a Cane Corso, decided to grab it and chew it to bits as I was looking at it.
The tyre it was then.
It was actually positioned in a good spot as just after the tyre there a a grassy mud bank that ran the rest of shorteline which I decided to use more asa frame to the left hand side rather than a lead in line as most of the subject interest in this image is central and to the right.


The sky was letting me down tonight. The forecast was giving a scattered layer which was what I was looking for, that was partly right, behind me and to my left it was a great sky, but in the direction I was shooting there were very little clouds apart from those on the horizon that I knew were going to kill the sunset pretty quickly.


Rhunahaorine Point
I quite like the image of my dog here, he seems to be enjoying the setting sun by the look of it. He always runs in front of the camera, which is a nightmare when doing long exposures and even more so when I’m shooting close to the water edge as he tends to get water on my filters which ruins the shot, but he dicided to take a wee seat here and enjoy the moment.
This image was shot at f11, 3 bracketed images 0,-2,+2 merged together in Lightroom then edited in Photoshop for final touches.
If you zoomed right in there is a bit of ghosting on Cain’s head but I’m not printing this image off so I can live with that.

I have entered this image into Cee Nuner’s Fun Foto Challenge, Letter D, for dogs.

For the second image I moved the tyre a couple of feet, would have been more but wow, the weight of it ( it was filled in the inside with dirt and stones btw ). I wanted it closer to the water edge so I could capture some motion with the tyre and the tide.

Think it Through First

I didn’t really think this one through very well. Where I placed the tyre was right where the bigger waves that were coming in were crashing down on, and with me positioning pretty close to the tyre the camera ended up getting a bit wet, and water drops all over the filter.
So I moved back a bit and zoomed in. By this time the sun had disappeared behind the clouds so I could slow my exposure the 1/2 second exposure I was looking to achieve, but the images just weren’t working for me.
I wasn’t getting the motion in the water I was looking for, perhaps to do with the angle I was shooting at against the direction the water was moving or perhaps just not a slow enough exposure, who knows.

Rhunahaorine Point


Will I return here to try and get a better image? I’m not so sure. When I packed up I decided to climb up onto the mud bank to see what was on offer from there but I wasn’t really impressed.
Perhaps a further recce further along the shoreline is required but at the moment I would have to say I wouldn’t return.

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