A’Chleit, Kintyre

A’Chleit, Kintyre

This week The Daily Post ask us to post an image that represents ‘waiting‘, so for this I’m sharing an image of mine from a few months back taken at A’Chleit, Kintyre.


A’Chleit is a stunning beach with a church situated making it a popular photo in the Kintyre area not far from the village Muasdale where I have recently posted an image from, although this had been only the second time I had been here shooting.

My take on the ‘waiting’ theme is having to wait for the 6 minute long exposure to complete before seeing the image.

When doing long exposures, especially at sunset you always have that little bit of doubt in your mind that you may have got the exposure time wrong. With it being sunset the light is continually fading so you need to add that little bit more exposure time than what you initially calculate out for your non filtered exposure reading.

Exploring A’Chleit

I always get bored when doing long exposure and often go exploring the area I am in for any other compositions.

In this case I had got 2 images that I really liked and there wasn’t any further options with the fading light.

I will only post the long exposure just now and keep the other image of the church for a later post.

A'Chleit, Kintyre

I like the Black and White edit here, it really adds more mood and gives the image a more abstract feel to it, however I do like the colour version below also.

A'Chleit, Kintyre

Actually, now I have them next to each other I’m not so sure which one I prefer the most, what about you?

Shot with a Canon 6d, EF 17-40mm F4L, Nisi V5 Filter System, 10 stop ND filter and 3 Stop Graduated Filter. 6minutes, F11 at ISO 100.

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