Sunset from Muasdale Beach

Sunset from Muasdale Beach

I took this image whilst capturing the Sunset from Muasdale Beach, Kintyre a few months ago, when we had a rare sunny night lol.

A 3 minute exposure at f11, ISO 100 17mm with my Canon 6d on the Canon 17-40mm L F4.0 lens.

I loved the green on the rocks and the texture created there contrasting against the soft water created by the long exposure. Out in the distance you see Islay and Jura with Cara and Gigha in the middle ground.

Sunset from Muasdale Beach

Muasdale Beach at Sunset

I posted a previous image from this shoot in my Muasdale Beach at Sunset post where I explain things don’t always go to plan!

So, I’m hoping to get at least another few decent days of weather in summer to get out with the camera but it’s not looking good at the moment.

Focus Stacking

On looking at the image I do notice the foreground is a bit soft, I’ve been toying with the idea of focus stacking for sometime and when I see the foreground in this image I wish I had but there are times when my patience gets the better of me.

As in this scenario, it would have meant 2 long exposures, possibly 4 if I was using long exposure noise reduction and then having to adjust exposure times for the failing light.

However, to get the best out of the equipment and get the best image I may need to take my time and perhaps settle for one good image than a couple of images from my shoot.

Stay tuned.



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