Order In The Chaos – The Gauldrons

Order In The Chaos – The Gauldrons

Headed out to The Gauldrons with the intentions of doing some long exposure photography at sunset.

I’ve been to The Gauldrons a few times now so I wasn’t wanting to return with an image similar to my previous trips. I had a rough idea of where I was going to shoot from but on arrival it didn’t look right.

Scouting For A Composition

I walked the length of the beach, trying to find order in the chaos of all the rock that were everywhere, I don’t remember there being this many on previous trips.

I was really struggling to find a composition on the shoreline. There was a decent shot but it would have been better had the water been higher so I eventually ruled that out after a test shot.

The sun had already begun to give off it’s golden glow, and now I was starting to think there was nothing here for me.

Go High

In these scenario’s if possible I end up trying to get a higher vantage point just as an overview shot, so looking at the position of the sun I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to get up to the top of the cliffs, that were being lit up beautifully by the sun.

My first two locations just didn’t work for me, and I wasn’t really in the mood for taking a photo just for the sake of it ( which is starting to become a habit ).

So, stuff it I grab my camera, tripod and bag and sprint up a small track taking me about 3/4’s of the way up and quickly level the tripod as best I can, expose and shoot of a test shot, now I have my base exposure I calculate my exposure for the 10 stop, get the filter on, check all my settings and start to expose my image…just as the sun disappears…argh!

So, I was happy with the test shot image, caught the cliffs glowing just nicely but lost most of the colour in the long exposure, however the image below is a composite of the two images edited in Photoshop CC.

Odrer in the chaos - the gauldrons

Quick Recce

Whilst my long exposure was in process I took a quick recce of the area and found a little waterfall that has potential to be a nice image after some heavy rain. The previous days to this shoot it had been pretty dry ( shock, horror for West Coast of Scotland ) so there wasn’t much water flowing from it but I decide to try a shot with the waterfall and a skull that was lying near by, not sure about this one.

Order In The Chaos - The Gauldrons

I’m pretty sure there is a decent image to be had here.

Anyway, I’ll return again at some point as I did like the view from atop the cliffs down here, so hopefully some better images under better circumstances.


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