Muasdale Beach at Sunset

Muasdale Beach at Sunset

I headed out to Muasdale Beach at Sunset to get some photo’s done, with the plan of getting some long exposures.

However before we discuss this shoot I need to tell you about my outing the previous night., that didn’t go as well as I would have liked.

Batteries Charged

I was feeling well prepared for my little trip out, I had charged my batteries earlier in the day, packed my bag so that all I had to do was grab and go.

The evening was beautiful, which makes it more frustrating what happened.

A drive and walk to get to the area I was going to shoot from and then a fight through chest high vegetation and ooh ya, ah ya bushes as Iike to call them.

A few scratches later and I was in position, although a little precarious to be honest but all landscape photographers do take risks to get the shot.

Test Shot

So, I stood for a few minutes to cool off and admire the view before getting a test shot done, and that’s where it went wrong.

Grabbed the camera, exposed, focused and click…nothing. What the? Try again…nothing, then I see it…

DSLR No Card

I had left my bloody memory card in the laptop earlier whilst downloading images off it, the rage lol

Anyway, a quick snap from my phones camera left me wanting to return to get a better quality image.

Sony Xperia X Mobile Imgae

Alternative Vantage Point

So, I headed back out the next evening, although there was a lot more cloud about. I like clouds in my images, but sometimes they don’t work for me due to various reasons.

On the way out in the car there was a huge bank of cloud on the horizon blocking any light getting through so I had to drive further to get the break in the clouds I was looking for.

So I headed to an alternative vantage point from the previous nights shoot at Muasdale Beach.

Muasdale Beach Sunset


I haven’t been here before so didn’t really know where to go and I never had enough time to recce the area for the best vantage point but I like the image above considering the little time I had to find something and the light was fading fast.

This image was shot at f16, ISO 200 for 252 seconds, edited in Photoshop.


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  1. Really beautiful – breathtaking best describes it. (I’m glad I’m not the only one who does numbskull stuff like that. Yesterday, I put a glass container full of fish into the cabinet where the containers go instead of the fridge. Kitchen Fail!)

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