Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy

Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy

A few images from my Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy where I was testing the images at 0.5 second upto 1 second.

This was a technique that I have never really used before, usually when I do Long Exposure its for minutes at a time, however I didn’t have a filter to fit the Samyang 14mm f2.8 I had on the camera to get longer exposures.

Waiting For The Light

I had to wait for the light to fade to get the exposure times required which was fine, as this also allowed some beautiful colours to come through.

Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy

Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy

Shutter Speed Trial at Bellochantuy


The danger I had here was that with the perspective of the 14mm I had to get up pretty close to the rocks in the images to use them as foreground interest, this meant getting in deeper with the camera and tripod than I am normally comfortable with, especially with the tide coming in and out pretty quickly and the occasional big wave.

I did on a few occasions grab the tripod to lift the camera out of the water when I felt the incoming tide was too big lol.


A previous visit to Bellochantuy I was able to capture this incoming cloud formation that just started to release it’s rain drops as I started to walk back to the car, otherwise I would have been in danger of getting soaked…again!


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