Killypole Loch

Killypole Loch

I had high hopes for my walk up to Killypole Loch, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland a few weeks ago. I was hoping to get a good recce from the hill in the area to use as vantage points for a future shoot as well as getting some shots done at the loch.

The weather enroute was not the best, low dense cloud was obscuring any views that could be had on the way there but it did start to ease off slightly on the way back.

Killypole Loch Route

My route to the loch was fairly simple and very easy underfoot. I had parked the car at the gate of the forest which provides enough space for at least two cars and followed the track all the way to the loch indicated in red in the map below.

Kilypole Loch Route

A good 25 to 30 minute walk and you are there with few hills to climb up.

I never got any recce’s done on the way up due to the low cloud so I walked a bit around the loch taking a couple of shots from certain vantage points as shown in the images below.

Boggy Ground

It was my intention to walk all the way around the bank of the loch however where the red dots finish on the map is extremely boggy, it may well be drier in the summer months but at this time of year unless you have wellies on (which I never) I wouldn’t chance it, I did go in to mid shin so that was enough to convince me to head back the way I came.


My first image was taken from the Eastern side of the Loch looking back down it. You can see the low cloud on the hills to the South that helped me choose a black and white edit for these images.

Kilypole Loch

This second image was taken from the Southern bank looking North towards the boathouse, and Skerry Fell Fad that was clearing up nicely for me to trek up on the way back.

Kilypole Loch

A really nice walk up here but from a Photography point of view I was actually disappointed with what I returned with, perhaps if the cloud would have been higher I would have made an effort to get up the high ground to the East of the loch to look back down towards it.

On the way back I did pop up the high ground for a look and it does offer nice vista’s so I may return in the future under better conditions to get some shots for there and get some panoramic’s done.


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