Gauldrons, Machrihanish

Gauldrons, Machrihanish

A few weeks back I visited the Gauldrons, Machrihanish in Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland to do a sunset shoot.

I had a fantastic time there and captured quite a few images as the light was stunning and the location was offering some nice compositions.

I spent a lot of time around and on these rocks but really like this image edited in black and white as it adds tot he drama of the image and the slow shutter speed shows just the right amount of motion to create some nice dynamic tension in the image.

Gauldrons, Machrihanish

I had been here a few years ago but never went as far down as I was on this trip which does prove that you should really explore your surroundings before settling on a composition.

My little wander in the area has left me wanting to return to capture some more images from a higher vantage point, but I’ll put that off for a while to get the right conditions.

Stay tuned for the remaining images by following the blog by clicking on the follow button at the bottom.

This image is being posted in response to Cee’s Black & White Challenge on an image based on the letter G or H.


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