Sunrise Recce

View From Hillside Farm Over Campbeltown

The forecast the night before was giving no clouds so I thought about a shoot to do for sunrise. It’s my intentions to photograph a bit more away from my home town and explore Kintyre a bit more and show what it has to offer.

So with that in mind my plan was to head to Carradale, a village in East Kintyre. My intentions were to capture the sunrise from a position that would capture the harbour with the sun rising behind it. A quick check of the PlanIt for Photographers Pro app ( iphone link )on my phone and all looked good. By the way the app is great, fantastic for letting you know where the sun, moon, milkyway will rise and set aswell as lots of other useful information.

Early Start

So an early start was required, sunrise was at 0658, I wanted to be there and in position for 0630, roughly a 30 minute drive there, 20 minutes walk to get into position and get setup ( 0540 ), 20 minutes to wake up, dressed and a quick bite to eat…0520 start, ok I can manage that.

I do like to have a Plan B and I decided Plan B would be a recce of a shot that I had in my mind from the hill just behind Hillside Farm looking over Campbeltown.

Snooze Alarm

0520 the alarm promptly get’s snoozed!!! 0555 and I leap out of bed and look straight out the window looking to the sky to see what the cloud cover is and there is still quite a bit. So I head down stairs to look out the door to the East and see a huge amount of cloud out on the horizon, for 5 minutes I debate whether to even bother with Plan B as I know there will be very little light getting through that cloud.


However, I’m up now and no way I’ll get back to sleep so I headed for Plan B, to do a recce of the view from atop the hill next to Hillside Farm over Campbeltown, and hope some colours manage to get through.

A short drive and walk from my house and a bit of walking around to find the right composition I was happy with the view, it does have good potential.

Hillside Farm View Looking Over Campbeltown

The image above was shot at f16, 15 seconds, at ISO 100 with a 0.9 grad filter and polarizing filter on just to try and capture more of the colours.

I did do a panoramic however stitching is proving a bit of a nightmare as the images were shot for 30 seconds each and there is just a little too much movement in the clouds for it to stitch properly which is a shame and in hindsight I should have sot at f11 and increased the ISO accordingly to get a quicker shutter speed…learn by our mistakes as they say 🙂 but it does give me an excuse to return, although I may venture a bit further round this time for a slightly different vantage point.


I finally got a decent stitch on my Panoramic through Photohop, took a few attempts at choosing the layout but got there in the end.

View from Hillside Farm over Campbeltown

View it in Full Screen Viewer:

Please note that this is a very small copy of the photo for web optimization so the quality suffers a fair bit.


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