A View From Dun Skeig Fort

Dun Skeig Fort, Kintyre

I headed up to Dun Skeig Fort which is located just over a mile from the village of Clachan in Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland.

My plan was to get a panoramic image of the view from the top and also to use it as a recce for a future shot.

The forecast was showing more clouds than what appeared, in fact there was very little cloud in the sky at all, those that did appear sat on the horizon which basically killed the sunset.


The route I took to the fort is fairly easy. Parking the car in Clachan then following the track from the village through the farm land until you meet a path that veers up into the hill. This path does fade out but I just followed the fence line until I came across an easy part to cross, then fro  there it was straight up to the fort.

My Route
My Route

Walking up did show some stunning views itself, however you a re presented with an absolute cracking vantage point when you reach the top.


Looking out to the West you can see Gigha, Islay and Jura in all their glory, I dare say on a clearer day you will be able to see the Irish coastline also.

Once I had taken in the vista in front of me I decide to walk over to the other side of the hill where the actual fort is situated to see what views were on offer, as this was what I was wanting to recce.


My thoughts were for a Long Exposure looking down West Loch Tarbert from up here with the ferry sailing up the loch, however I would need to shoot this with my 70-200mm on to get any details of the ferry, but shooting this way would only lead to compressing the landscape which wouldn’t do this scene any good at all, so I’ll plan that one for another location.

I will however love to return and capture the view down West Loch Tarbert in the right conditions, there just was no cloud at all to reflect the hues from the sunset on this trip.

The View

So after my wee recce I returned to my original vantage point but decided I needed to get a better composition so I walked down about 30m to setup on the edge of the cliff leading up to the fort. From here I snapped a 10 image panoramic just as the sunset but in hindsight I should have shot a few more to the right of the image just to bring in more of my surroundings.

A View From Dun Skeig Fort

Post Image Thoughts

I was pleased with the resulting image. I had been struggling with my pano’s of late, I have noticed that even though I setup my tripod level when I pan the head the horizon starts to rise or fall which then causes a problem in stitching. However, I re-level the horizon with the on screen level which seems to have worked in this image.

I will add that I stitched this image with Microsoft ICE rather than Photoshop as I’m still using CS6 and it sucks as stitching Panoramic images.

Black and White Edit

Dun Skeig Black and White Edit

Image edited in Black and White for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge C&D


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