Brewing Storm at Bellochantuy

Brewing Storm at Bellochantuy

Another trip to Bellochantuy resulted in some more water motion images which I’ll save for later but I’ll post these images first of this brewing storm at Bellochanuty.

Brewing Storm at Bellochantuy

It was pretty eerie watching this cloud move in from the West, but it was pretty handy to keep looking up at it so I could keep check on the showers that it was bringing with it.

I was waiting for something to come pouring out of the hole in the middle of the cloud but was fortunate that just as I got back to the car the showers started to pour down.


Out of the colour and black and white edits I think the colour one wins it for me.

I moved forward a bit and slightly to the side to see if it made any difference but I think I prefer the composition above.


These images were shot with my Samyang 14mm and I have no filter adapter (yet) for this lens and I was waiting for my other wide angle to get sent out otherwise this cloud would have made a great long exposure.

Stay tuned for more images by following my blog below.


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