Kilchousland to Davaar Island

Kilchousland to Davaar Island

A nice walk round past the red rocks resulted in a nice black and white image from Kilchousland to Davaar Island.

However it wasn’t the image that I was hoping for as I had hoped for a better sunrise this morning but that wasn’t to be, so I’ll need to revisit in better conditions.

The morning started off with me and my dog, Cain, walking from the old shipyard in Campbeltown around the coast line to Kilchousland beach in hope of a nice sunrise, well at least I was, Cain wasn’t really caring, he wont mind going back lol.

Not much history is available about Kilchousland, there are ruins of a medieval chapel that was dedicated to St Constantine built in the 12th century, however I opted not to capture images of the ruins and cemetery on this trip to allow me to focus on capturing images from the beach.

However it was becoming evident as sunrise was rapidly approaching I wasn’t going to get the sunrise I was looking for so I shot a 4 minute exposure at f11, ISO 100 on my crop T2i as a backup which I was pleased with.


Kilchousland to Davaar Island

Kilchousland Beach

I headed up to a higher vantage point so I could get an overview of the beach, there wasn’t much happening in a composition sense so a basic shot looking down at Kilchousland Beach in all her glory was taken here, behind my location is where the cemetery and ruined chapel are.

Kilchousland Beach



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