View from Dunaverty

View from Dunaverty

The forecast was giving clear skies on Saturday morning at sunrise so I opted for capturing and image of the View from Dunaverty, Southend, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland, however there was a thick layer of cloud on the horizon to the East blocking any decent light getting through, I was against the odds in getting a decent image from the off.

Alarm was set for 0600 and after a quick breakfast I set off, however on leaving Campbeltown I could tell it wasn’t going to go well as I could see the thick layer of cloud as I drove off.

However, I have learned from the past not to be to despondent in such situations as at the last minute a great image can appear out of nothing.

I had been out a walk the previous day with the dog and kids and scouted out the original composition I had in mind and glad I did as the image was a fail and just goes to show recce’s are useful as there is nothing worse arriving at a location you having scouted and can’t find a decent vantage point.

Image below is captured on my phone looking out to Dunaverty Rock and the Boathouse at Southend Beach and edited in Snapseed editing app.

Dunaverty from Southend Beach



I had been hoping to use the boathouse on Southend Beach as my foreground interest and capture the sun rising between the Island of Sanda and Sheep Isle as my main focal point in the image, but this was not to be due to the layout of the ground.

I chose to head up the hill next to Dunaverty Rock and decided that this would be my location to capture the sun rising.

As stated earlier the cloud didn’t break on the horizon to the East to allow any of the warm hues through to the lower clouds and ground, as frustrating as it is that is landscape photography.

I was ready to pack up and head home, I didn’t want to resort to my usual long exposure black and white this time which is my usual go to when the light fails me. Instead I decided to do a panoramic image of the vista in front of me, something that I need more practice on clearly as it took me about 7 attempts to get my pano stitched without any noticeable problems.

Photoshop wasn’t merging the images properly so I tried downloading a few free pano stitching software apps, ICE ( Image Composite Editor ), autostitch and hugin but still didn’t like what they produced. AutoStitch actually produced a decent pano but the file output settings were not what I was looking for, jpg and low resolution whereas Hugin was a bit complicated, although it would probably do the job if I learned how to use it, I just couldn’t be bothered learning new software at the time. ICE has worked for me in the past but has updated since I last used it and I need to figure it out again as the image had stitching errors in it.

I eventually gave Photoshop a few other attempts with different settings and eventually got the below which works for me. 7 images at 8 seconds each, ISO 200, F4.

View from Dunaverty Panoramic

View from Dunaverty, Southend, Kintyre, Argyll

I decided to see if there was an image available behind me looking back across Southend Beach to the old Kiel Hotel, I captured the image below but not happy with it as I should have changed lenses and isolated the moon with the old hotel with my longer zoom lens.

Southend Beach to Kiel

Southend Beach To Kiel

Whilst heading back to my original shooting location hoping that there would be a glimmer of light peeking through the clouds I kept saying to myself, stick on the 70-200 and get the shot, this is where I really need to work on as once a lens is on when I go out it tends to stay on.

But, I did change to the 70-200 and tried to isolate the Ailsa Craig, however I don’t like the resulting image below.

Ailsa Craig from Dunaverty

Ailsa Craig From Dunaverty

Then a bit of colour started to appear in the high level clouds, so a quick change back to the Canon 17-40mm and I captured the image below.

Sunrise Colours from Dunaverty

View from Dunaverty, Southend, Kintyre, Argyll

So, am I happy with what I captured…no! A re-shoot will be required for such a great vista, and I may try it from the mast in the middle distance on the left hand side but will wait and see.

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