Sunset at Bellochantuy

Sunset at Bellochantuy

It had been a while since I done some landscapes so with a potential break in the clouds I headed out to capture a Sunset at Bellochantuy, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland.

I have shot out here once before and really liked the compositions that it offers with the setting sun, however this time I was a little restricted to my style of shooting as I only had my Samyang 14mm f2.8 due to me selling my other landscape lenses.

So I couldn’t fit any of my filters on to this lens as I have no adapter for it as it’s basically my night time lens so there would be no long exposures for me so my plan was to capture the motion of the tide as it rolled in and out on the beach.

It had been that long since I last done some landscape photography that when I arrived out there I was struggling to find a decent composition. Everything I was looking at was not pleasing me and by this time the sun was starting to get pretty low.

However I got there in the end and as soon as I captured the first image below I tuned in to the surroundings a bit better and walked along the beach a bit capturing the remaining images.

I like the solitude feeling of the lone rock in the first image below given it a nice abstract feel to it.

Sunset at Bellochanuty

Bellochantuy Sunset

Sunset after glow at Bellochantuy


sunset sat bellochantuy beach


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