Loch Lomond Long Exposure

Loch Lomond Long Exposure

With a couple of hours to spare on a recent trip to Glasgow I decided to head to Loch Lomond for some Long Exposure Photography.

I had one image that I wanted to capture and that was the Lone tree at Milarrochy. I had wanted to photograph this as a long exposure and the weather / lighting conditions were favouring this.

On arrival the water was pretty low so it ruled out the image I had in my head but we have to make do with what we get on these opportunistic shoots.

I was however happy with the Abstract image that I had captured below.


Milarrochy Tree, Loch Lomond

After this image I still had a bit of time left so I drove round the Loch for other photographic opportunities and I think if you were on foot you would have more choices however I did capture the two images below at various locations on Loch Lomond.

pier at loch lomond
pier at loch lomond

river to loch lomond

river to loch lomond

Despite being a huge black and white photography fan I do like the desaturated colour edits of the images above.

A future return is definitely on the cards as this is a fantastic are to explore and should provide more photographic oppotunities.


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