Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora

Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora

One of the advantages of living in the country in the West Coast of Scotland is the dark skies, a great night was forecast so I out with the camera to capture Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora.

Clear skies were forecast and the moon was not sue to rise until 00:35 plus there was a possibility of the Aurora Borealis being visible…sounded like a plan.

Off I headed up to Lussa Loch with my plan in my head, I knew that the loch was orientated in a South to North direction from where I was planning on shooting but on arrival it was more North West, which wasn’t good for my composition on capturing Polaris.

A quick scout around and I decided on a suitable location to shoot from…should have taken my wellies however lol, wet feet are not good when it’s 0 degrees. As I was walking across the damn a huge bright meteor shot right across the sky, I just shook my head at my luck as the same thing happened on my last Star Trail shoot when I was setting up, numerous meteors showering down but when I get set up there is nothing.

I done a few test shots en-route to check settings, composition etc before settling on my final position. These test shots showed that the Aurora was visible so I had to get in position quickly, then wait it out whilst I captured the number of images I wanted for my edit.

Lussa Loch Aurora

The image above didn’t appeal to me as the power lines running through the image put me off, but I noticed the Aurora starting to glow a little.

A quick walk to the other side led me to a better composition.

Lussa Loch Star Trails & Aurora

I have to add that my main aim of this shoot was to capture Star Trails, however when I seen the sky light up with the Northern Lights I was very very tempted to pull the plug on the trails and go Landscape to capture a better aurora image, but I resisted and it gives me an excuse to head back up in the future.

One from a single image of the Star Trails. I would have much preferred a landscape orientation, however not on this night.

Lussa Loch Northern Lights

At the end I couldn’t resist a quick milky way shot, but there were a lot of clouds about by this time.

Lussa Loch and the Milky Way



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