Campbeltown Winter Ball 2016

Campbeltown Winter Ball 2016

I had the pleasure of photographing the Campbeltown Winter Ball in the newly renovated Campbeltown Town Hall organised and hosted by the Campbeltown Christmas Lights Group on Saturday 19th November 2016, the hall looked fantastic.

A huge well done to the committee for organising a fantastic evening. The hall looked stunning and a great night was had by all, being treated to a fantastic meal by Argyll Bakeries, a huge selection of excellent prizes in the raffle provided by local businesses and a good old shin dig with music played by the very talented Matt Mcallister with the brilliant Coast Collective.

The evening kicked off with lucky winners being chauffeur driven to the hall and all guests being greeted by Will ( Mr Tumnus ) and Gayle ( White Witch Jadis ) recreating the magic of Narnia and champagne before being escorted to their seats followed by Gayle thanking everyone for attending, local businesses for their contribution and Will for his vision in creating the event.


Please be advised that these images are optimized for web performance so are only small files, should you be viewing these on a large screen you may notice some pixelation as your device will stretch them over your screen. Also note that the colours of your screen are probably set different for what the images have been edited to so you may notice some difference in colours as to what the actual image is meant to represent, this is just the calibration of your viewing device. Click on any image to view it larger.

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After all the guests were seated staff of Argyll Bakeries swung into action taking orders for the meal that came as part of the package and quickly everyone was enjoying the delights that were served.

After the meal came the raffle.

Then the party started with Coast Collective entertaining everyone with great music.

A few requested images from some of the guests:

And just to add a bit of fun to the evening came the mannequin challenge…Well done to everyone for an excellent effort.

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