Star Trails in Kintyre

Star Trails in Kintyre

Last night’s clear skies in the West Coast of Scotland allowed me the opportunity to give some star trails a practice.

I had found this abandoned boat a few weeks ago when I was out looking for a Plan B when my original shoot went wrong and decided that I would come back to do some night photography here.

So when I arrived on scene it was pitch black but I had an idea in my head where Polaris would be and how I was going to compose the shot so I got set up and started a few trial shots.

After reviewing the images I didn’t like what I was seeing so re-positioned, twice lol. I was initially in landscape layout but I wasn’t sure if I was getting Polaris in as initially there was a lot of cloud cover looking out to the North and I couldn’t see if I was getting what I wanted, chaos was starting to ensue!

So a quick change to portrait and some minor adjustments to the composition finally resulted in what looked like a decent image, although after review I have positioned the boat to close to the left hand side of the frame.

However, this shoot was really all about me getting decent star trails and I’m happy with these. I shot these images at 17mm, F2.8, ISO 2000, for 4 minutes each with 30 images captured.

Star Trails in Kintyre

I edited all the images in Lightroom before stacking them in StarStax then some final edits again in Photoshop to remove some artifacts.

Milky Way Timelapse

After I was happy with my star trail setup I decided to do a milky way timelapse with another camera, again this was my first attempt and took me a few shots to get setup.

Once happy with my composition I shot 258 images at 18mm, F3.5, ISO 3200, 25 seconds each which was a bit excessive for my old crop factor Canon T2i but as previously this was all about getting some practice in.

Ideally I would have shot this one a full frame but this was being used so the resulting timelapse isn’t the best due to the capabilities of the camera and lens.

So overall I’m happy with my first attempts at these and already have my next shoot in my head…roll on the clear skies.


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