Milky Way Over Campbeltown

Milky Way Over Campbeltown

A very clear and calm night gave me the opportunity to capture the Milky Way Over Campbeltown, a shot that I have had on my to do list for some time.

Admittedly I could have controlled the highlights better and actually had in the first take of this shot but my alignment of the image when shooting was poor and when merging them in photoshop meant they didn’t align too well but I’m happy with the result below.

Milky Way Over Campbeltown

Next I headed down to get an image of the Milk Way over Davaar Island, I had my doubts about this one due to the light pollution from the Ayrshire coast but it wasn’t too bad.

Milk Way over Davaar Island

Then finally I headed out to Westport Beach to see what I could get out there, I was hoping to get a shot from the rocks with the water being smoothed out but the tide was out to far so I settled for this small puddle and was hoping to get more of the reflection in the water but not quite as much as I hoped.

Milk Way at Westport

I’m hoping for some nice clear nights through the winter as I have a few more images that I want to do so keep tuned and subscribe to the blog or follow me on your favourite social media outlet.


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