A Walk In Dunlossit Estate

A Walk In Dunlossit Estate

I took a walk in Dunlossit Estate, Islay with the intentions of photographing a waterfall that I had shot before but never liked the image due to a big tree that had fallen right across the river.

On the route down there I had a quick look at Lily Loch to see if there was a photographic opportunity but nothing appealed to me, perhaps in the next month or so when the water lilies start to appear, so I headed for the waterfall but en-route I seen a small track leading up a small hill which took me to a nice vantage point seeing as i had some spare time, which rather conveniently has a seat made out or stone and slate for those that venture up there.

Anyway, no sitting for me as I got the tripod and camera out and fitted my 10 stop filter. My initial setting were f22 @ 60th of a second ISO 100, which is usually not long enough for me but I decided to give it a go and would try to recover anything that was lost in post editing in Photoshop or Lightroom later.

I have to admit that Lightroom has become my favourite post editing software as it is so much quicker and easier than Photoshop.

A quick 30 second exposure wasn’t doing anything for me and I had few blown out highlights, so I opted for a 1 minute exposure, despite 15 seconds being the recommended exposure for my base settings.

My initial check on the LCD had me thinking it was way over exposed but after a bit of post editing I am pretty happy with the result below.

A Walk In Dunlossit Estate

So a little unhappy with the lighting conditions I set off for the waterfall.

At the location of the waterfall I arrived at the mouth of the river and worked my way back up eventually having to scramble down a hill to get into my initial shooting position, however the fallen tree was still there ruining a good shot, so a quick scan and I noticed a decent vantage point across the river on some rocks, they never make it easy do they lol.

So practically on my hands and knees I crossed the river as they rocks I was using were covered in wet moss and I didn’t fancy taking a dip. I managed over the other side quite successfully and made way to the rocks I seen.

Once in situ and viewing the waterfall from my potential shooting position a swarm of midges swooped on me and made the next 12 minutes of my life hell…I had not considered these little feckers being here and had no repellent apart from a lot of unsavoury language and flailing arms. They were that bad i quickly got setup, took a test 1 minute exposure that was way under exposed, so reshot at 4 minutes, f16 ISO 100 and set focus to infinity, the result after some post editing is below.

A Walk In Dunlossit Estate

Unfortunately I had my Long Exposure Noise Reduction set to On so I had to bear those little blood suckers for double the amount of time I should have, but I do feel that having LENR on is beneficial even shooting at ISO 100 so sometimes you just got to take it as it comes, but trust me my repellent and midge hat is packed away in my bag 🙂


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